07 Dec 2023

UFI Filters Hydraulics presents the latest innovations in CBC Series: an air breather filter with extension tube and anti-splash feature

air breather filter with extension tube

UFI Filters Hydraulics is pleased to announce a new development in its range of air breathers. The CBC air breather filter with extension tube is now available with anti-splash feature, offering improved performance and protection for hydraulic systems.

The CBC Series: greater protection for on- and off-road applications

Air breather filters, such as the CBC series, act as a first line of defence, preventing harmful contaminants like dust, dirt, water and particulates from entering the hydraulic system, which helps maintain the required level of hydraulic fluid cleanliness.
This is particularly important in heavy duty applications, where machines typically work under demanding weather and operating conditions.

In order to further increase the protection against external agents, UFI Filters Hydraulics has included an extension tube in the range, which can be ordered separately and added to the air breather.
The air breather filter with extension tube has many advantages, including:

  1. Airflow optimisation: the extension tube allows for better airflow, making it ideal for applications where the breather filter might be located in an area that is difficult to reach
  2. Easy maintenance: the extension tube simplifies maintenance, even when the breather is in a challenging or hard-to-reach location, making it more accessible and convenient
  3. Additional protection for the filter element: the extension tube further protects the filter element from splashes of liquid from the tank, which could wet it and impair its function

Advantages of the CBC series with anti-splash feature

In addition, the CBC series now includes a new version with anti-splash functionality that has the advantages:

  1. Reduce the fluid leakage: the anti-splash device prevents oil spillage when the tank is shaken
  2. Increase the service life: by keeping the element dry, the anti-splash feature extends the service life of the element, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

More than 30 years dedicated to hydraulic system protection

UFI Filters Hydraulics is committed to providing innovative filtration solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of hydraulic systems in a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its 30 years of experience in the sector, UFI Filters Hydraulics is committed to the continuous improvement of its products and the constant expansion of its range, in order to meet the ever-increasing quality requirements of the sectors in which it operates.
The CBC series, with the extension and anti-splash functionality, exemplifies the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

For more information on the CBC range of breather filters and the new features, please visit the website or contact our sales team.