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UFI Filters Hydraulics accessories program has been carefully selected and designed to offer a range of components suitable for the construction needs of hydraulic systems and tanks for most  industrial and mobile applications.

Whether you require simple filler breathers or precise electrical level switches, UFI Hydraulics accessories range will provide you with the choice you need.

User benefits:

  • Reduction of the impurity’s entering from the environment in order to keep the fluid cleaner;
  • Improvement of pump suction working conditions and reduction of cavitation phenomena;
  • Reduction of foam formation in the fluid;
  • Monitoring and control of oil cleanliness, temperature, and level.


Filling breathers

CFA filling plugs include an inbuilt air breather and a protection basket against ingression of coarse parts (removable for CFA23). The connection to the tank is flanged with standard dimensions, with additional tank connection options for CFA23 (welding flange or plug extension).

Filter element

Filter element (not replaceable):
Impregnated cellulose 3µm
Polyurathan foam 10µm
For sizes CFA21 & CFA22 the plug has a safety chain.




Transparent part: Trogamid T

Anti-shock protection: Painted steel

Fixing bolts: zinc plated steel

Seals: NBR Nitrile (FKM Fluoroelastomer on request)

Double scale thermometer (Celsius and Farenheit) option available.
Tightening torque for the fixing bolts 10 Nm

Visual level indicators


Max pressure allowed 100 kPa (1 bar)

Working temperature

From -20°C to +90°C




Tank connection: Anodized aluminium

Rod: Stainless steel

Float: Polyammide

Float switches

Electrical level indicators, an electrical signal is activated when the minimum (or maximum) oil level is reached. The REED switch has SPDT contacts.

N.B. the float switch must be mounted at min 50 mm from ferrous walls. Max oil viscosity 150 cSt.

Working temperature

From -10°C to +90°C




Housing: black painted steel

Internal parts: steel

Filter element: zinc painted steel (stainless steel on request)

Prefilter transparent housing and buffle: plastic material

Seals: NBR Nitrile


Oil bath air filter and cyclone prefilter

Working temperature

Max working temperature: 95°C

Flow rate: 3.000 to 12.000 l/min