11 Jul 2024

Spotlight on UFI Filters Hydraulics’ UOW022 Compact Filtration Unit in PROGETTARE

Spotlight on UFI Filters Hydraulics’ UOW022 Compact Filtration Unit in PROGETTARE

PROGETTARE Magazine examines recent developments in filtration technology this month, with a focus on the new compact filtration unit from UFI Filters Hydraulics

The July issue of Progettare magazine focuses on filtration solutions that combine high performance with compactness.
In line with this theme , the magazine profiles the innovative UOW022 compact portable filtration unit from UFI Filters Hydraulics.

UOW022: efficient filtration with a compact design

UFI Filters Hydraulics expands its hydraulic filtration solutions portfolio with the introduction of the new UOW022 compact filtration unit.

The UOW trolley provides convenient, portable offline filtration, flushing, and fluid transfer, ensuring the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid is maintained at the ISO levels specified by the machine’s manufacturer.
This unit is designed for applications requiring flow rates up to 22 lt/min and operating pressures up to 0.5 MPa (5 bar), offering a space-saving layout.

Featuring an ergonomic design, compact dimensions, and lightweight construction, the UOW022 is ideally suited for applications with low flow rates, small tanks, limited space, or those requiring easy maintenance.

Its high reliability and user-friendliness make it a versatile solution in various industries, including wind power generation.

Reduced maintenance costs: easy element replacement, and customizable filtration rating

The UOW022 unit stands out for its utilization of the complete FPG filter, which allows for the replacement of only the filter element, manufactured with UFI’s exclusive high-efficiency FormulaUFI media.
This technology is designed to guarantee optimal cleaning of the hydraulic fluid and high dirt-holding capacity, enhancing system reliability and extending the lifespan of critical components.

Filter elements are available in various FormulaUFI media and ratings, allowing for filtration level customization based on specific application needs.
By selecting the most appropriate filter media, system maintenance intervals can be extended and operating costs reduced.

Improved hydraulic system maintenance and efficiency 

The UOW022 portable unit from UFI Filters Hydraulics is the ideal off-line filtration solution for preventive maintenance programmes in a variety of hydraulic sectors, from manufacturing applications to wind turbines. This solution is useful to support optimal system operation and, consequently, system running cost minimization, including in the renewable energy sector.

For more information on the new portable filtration unit and the complete solutions offered by UFI Filters Hydraulics, download the updated UOW022 catalogue or contact our sales team directly for a customized consultation.