05 Jul 2024

UFI Filters Hydraulics: 3D library now available on Federtec portal

Complete UFI Filters Hydraulics range just a click away for Federtec members

UFI Filters Hydraulics is pleased to announce the availability of its 3D library on the portal of Federtec, the association representing the Italian industry in the fields of components and mechatronic technologies for fluid power, power transmission, control, and intelligent automation of products and industrial processes.

An initiative to support the digitalization of the sector

Realized thanks to the synergy between CADENAS Italiana and Federtec, this portal is a part of projects designed for the dissemination and support of digital culture within the industrial sectors represented by the association.

The initiative is aimed at all Federtec members, even those who have not yet had the opportunity to develop their own 3D library, and it is designed to facilitate the dissemination of CAD models among its members.

A portal dedicated to the distribution of 3D models

The Federtec portal, created in collaboration with CADENAS Italiana, is an important additional showcase for the UFI Filters Hydraulics 3D library, which is one of the more than 90 catalogues available on CADENAS portals.

Federtec members can publish the entire 3D library, if already available, or a selection of their own models, thus increasing the visibility of their products and facilitating the work of designers.

A constantly evolving 3D library

UFI Filters Hydraulics is committed to constantly updating its 3D library in order to offer its customers the best possible experience.

Thanks to this important collaboration between Federtec and CADENAS, designers and engineers will have even easier access to the extensive range of 3D models from UFI Filters Hydraulics and all the members of Federtec.

In particular, the UFI Filters Hydraulics 3D library offers

  • More than 8,000 3D models
  • 150 formats
  • 2D drawings for every code
  • Information sheets with materials, flow rate, operating temperature, and application specifications
  • Direct link to the catalogue
  • Downloadable datasheets with 3D previews, 2D drawings, and all the available technical specifications and dimensions

Find out more

To find out more about the UFI Filters Hydraulics 3D library or to download CAD models, visit the following websites:

If you have any questions or need assistance in identifying the most suitable filter solution for your requirements, please contact the UFI Filters Hydraulics sales team.