Flushing and
hydraulic-fluid transfer


UFI Hydraulic Division OFF-LINE FILTERS take care of the efficiency and guarantee the long life of the system by keeping the oil at the desired cleanliness values.

Filtration Units are used to maintain “Roll-Off-Cleanliness” in the hydraulic- fluid circuit at the time a new vehicle leaves the manufacturing assembly-line or a vehicle undergoes repair or re-build.

The circuit can be cycled to flush out and remove harmful contamination to pre-condition the oil for longevity and improved service-life. Off-line filters maintain the desired cleanliness level.

Where the level of cleanliness is insufficient to remove harmful contamination from “Built-in”, “Brought- in”, “Induced-in” and “Taken-in” sources, the result can be premature vehicle breakdown/failure within the warranty period.

Hydro-Dry elements are also available to remove water from the system. Nominal flow rates up to 2.000 l/min (530 GPM). Degree of filtration is from 5 µm(c) to 90 µm, by glass fibre, cellulose and metal wire mesh media.

User benefits

  • “Built-in” – contamination left in the system or in componentry during initial vehicle assembly or vehicle repair/re-build.
  • “Brought-in” – components and/or sub-assemblies “brought-in” or manufactured off-line/off-site, may be contaminated and add to the overall levels of contamination on the vehicle during assembly, repair or re-build.
  • “Induced-in” – contamination internally “induced” into the system during operation and performance-testing or caused by wear, corrosion, agitation, oxidation or hydraulic-fluid degradation.
  • “Taken-in” – Externally introduced contamination that enters a system from the atmosphere via insufficiently sealed orifices, covers or access-points.


Pmax 10 MPa

Qmax 1500 l/min


Head and covers: Aluminium alloy

Bowl: Steel

Element Holder:
Polyammide FOF24
Alluminium Alloy FOF3+ and FOF4+

Seals: NBR Nitrile (FKM Fluoroelastomer on request )

Indicator housing: Brass


Max. working: 1 MPa (10 bar)

Collapse, differential for the filter element (ISO 2941): 1MPa (10 bar)

Bypass valve

Setting: 170 kPa (1,5 bar) ± 10%

Working temperature

From -25° to +110° C



Qmax 40 l/min

Portable filtration package

Inlet: flexible hose, 2 m long with rigid end 0,5 m long

Outlet: flexible hose, 2 m long with rigid end 0,5 m long
“Y” type filter for pump protection
Gear pump 40 l/min with inbuilt 1 MPa (10 bar) relief valve

Electric motor: three phase 380V - 0,75 kW 1450 rpm - IP54
Double handle for proper and easy transportation

Model UOW040T0075A3

Oil transfer and filtration package of clean and compact construction, joining high filtration performances and long life filter element to an easy and handy use.

The filter can be fitted with a visual or electrical clogging indicator, also of differential type.

The filter element, having a wide filtration area (12.800 cm2) and excellent efficiency features, is normally available with filtration degree 5, 7, 12 and 21μm(c) (ßx > 1.000) and WR (Hydro Dry).
Total weight 50 kg.

Filter element, to be ordered apart.
(please refer to the FOF series datasheet for the technical features).



Water removal elements

The hydro-dry filter elements remove up to 80% of the free water present in the oil.

The hydro-dry elements use the WR filter media, working by absorption and ensuring a high water retention capacity.

To get the maximum water removal efficiency the hydro-dry elements must be used at constant flow rate and low and constant pressure, i.e. the ideal use is in a off-line filter or in a filtration trolley.

The hydro-dry elements remove also the solid contamination (ß21(c) > 1.000), but we recommend that the main part of solid contamination is removed upstream by a dedicated return filter.

The hydro-dry elements are available in standard dimensions, to fit standard filter housings.

A clogging indicator set at 130 kPa (1,3 bar) on the filter housing is recommended for proper replacement of the clogged element.