Flushing and
hydraulic-fluid transfer


Off-line filters are used to maintain “Roll-Off-Cleanliness” in the hydraulic-fluid circuit when a new machine leaves the manufacturing assembly-line or undergoes repair or re-build.
Independent of the main lubrication system, offline filtration provides isolated treatment of fluids before they are introduced back into the equipment. While still providing continuous flow, this extra stage of filtration prevents particulates and water from continuously circulating through engine systems, gear reducers, and oil reservoirs. Offline filtration ensures a high degree of lubricant cleanliness that reduces premature wear of machinery and optimizes equipment performance.

User benefits

  • Off-line filters grant an added degree of lubrication cleanliness 
  • Off-line filtration represents an enhanced best practice for fluid transfer
  • Roll-off filtration provides an additional opportunity for lubricant inspection 
  • Offline filters are available in multiple configurations and can be portable or permanent
  • Offline filtration units can be run continuously or as-needed  


Off-line filter, inside to outside filtration


Head and covers: Aluminum alloy

Bowl: Steel

Element Holder:
Polyamide FOF2
Aluminum Alloy FOF3 and FOF4

Seals: NBR Nitrile (FKM Fluoroelastomer on request )

Indicator housing: Brass


Max. working: 1 MPa (10 bar)

Collapse, differential for the filter element (ISO 2941): 3 MPa (30 bar)

Bypass valve

Setting: 170 kPa (1,7 bar) ± 10%

Working temperature

From -25° to +110° C


Qmax 1500 l/min



Portable filling and filtration unit with green element


Inlet and Outlet flexible hose, 2 m long with rigid end 0,5 m long

“Y” type filter for pump protection
Gear pump 40 l/min with inbuilt 1 MPa (10 bar) relief valve

Electric motor: three phase 380V - 0,75 kW 1450 rpm - IP54

Double handle for proper and easy transportation

50 Kg


The mobile filtration unit is used for cleaning the fluid off line, for the transfer, filling and topping up of the oil tank and for any roll-off operation.

The UOW mobile off-line filtration unit filters hydraulic fluid at low-pressure with the aid of a self-contained pump, motor and filter.

The construction design is compact and user-friendly, and guarantees high filtration performances and long life filter element.


Qmax 40 l/min



Water removal elements


The hydro-dry filter elements remove up to 80% of the free water present in the oil.

The hydro-dry elements use the FormulaUFI.H2O filter media, working by absorption and ensuring a high water retention capacity.

To get the maximum water removal efficiency the hydro-dry elements must be used at constant flow rate and low and constant pressure, i.e. the ideal use is in off-line filters or in filtration units.

The hydro-dry elements remove also the solid contamination (ß21(c) > 1.000), but we recommend to remove the main part of solid contamination using a dedicated return line filter.

The hydro-dry elements are available in standard dimensions, to fit standard filter housings.

A clogging indicator set at 130 kPa (1,3 bar) on the filter housing is recommended for proper replacement of the clogged element.