Combined return
& suction filter


The hydrostatic transmission is a system that generates and transmits power to perform a job through the pressurisation and release of a fluid. In particular, the energy captured by the fluid through the hydraulic pumps is transferred to the transmission of a vehicle.
The filter is a key part of the transmission system, designed to prevent metal shavings from the gears, and other dirt and debris, from contaminating the transmission fluid.
Transmission filters also removes the shavings deriving from the general wear of the machine.

User benefits:

  • Only one filter for both circuits that guarantees space-saving
  • Less piping required and fewer potential leakage points
  • Improved charge-pump protection as the oil supplied is already pre-filtered in the return line
  • Excellent cold start
  • Simplified maintenance & easy filter element removal, with retained contamination


Hydrostatic transmission filter


Head: Aluminum alloy

Cover: Polyamide FTA-FTB2
Aluminum alloy FTA-FTB3

Bowl: Steel

Seals: NBR Nitrile

Indicator housing: Brass


Max working: 1 MPa (10 bar)

Collapse, differential for the filter element (ISO 2941): 1 MPa (10 bar)

Bypass valve

Setting: 250 kPa (2,5 bar) ± 10%

Working temperature

From -25° to + 110° C


Qmax 240 l/min