Combined return
& suction filter


In machines with a hydrostatic drive and combined working hydraulic system, return-suction filters replace the suction or pressure filters previously required for the feed pump of the closed-loop hydrostatic drive circuit as well as the return filter for the open-loop working hydraulic circuit. While each circuit operates independently with separate filters, the combination of the two circuits via the return-suction filter causes interaction between the circuits.

The TA-TB filters are designed to work in hydraulic systems combined with hydrostatic transmission, when the return flow is higher than the flow of the boost pump in any operating condition ( >50% in normal operating conditions). The oil from the return line of the system is filtered from the inside to the outside of the filter element and goes to the suction of the boost pump with a 0,5 bar pressurization. The exceeding flow rate goes into the reservoir.

User benefits:

  • Only 1 filter for 2 functions: filtering the oil returning from the hydraulic system and feeding the boost pump with cleanest oil
  • Less piping required / fewer potential leakage points
  • The charge-pump takes oil at a slight pressure (0.5 bar), avoiding cavitation risks but also contributing to good cold-start behavior
  • Charge-pump protection as the oil supplied is already pre-filtered
  • Filter element working from inside to outside allows retained contamination to be completely removed when replacing the element


Pmax 10 MPa

Qmax 240 l/min


Head: Aluminium alloy

Cover: Polyammide FTA-FTB23
Aluminium alloy FTA-FTB31-32-33

Bowl: Steel

Seals: NBR Nitrile

Indicator housing: Brass


Max working: 1 MPa (10 bar)

Collapse, differential for the filter element (ISO 2941): 1 MPa (10 bar)

Bypass valve

Setting: 250 kPa (2,5 bar) ± 10%

Working temperature

From -25° to + 110° C