24 May 2024

UFI Filters Hydraulics presents its new company brochure, extended to include the complete range of Friedrichs Filtersysteme products

New UFI Filters Hydraulics brochure

UFI Filters Hydraulics, a leading player in hydraulic filtration with over 30 years of industry experience, is pleased to announce the release of its new general brochure.
The new brochure provides an in-depth overview of UFI Filters Hydraulics’ complete range, which includes filters, accessories, clogging indicators, air filters, and breathers.
It also introduces the range of products designed by Friedrichs Filtersysteme, the German company acquired by UFI Filters Hydraulics in 2022.
The integration of Friedrichs Filtersysteme into the UFI family further expands the company’s offering and increases its ability to provide state-of-the-art industrial filtration solutions.

The complete UFI Filters Hydraulics range

UFI Filters Hydraulics continually strives to make its extensive knowledge and experience available to the hydraulic filtration industry, with the aim of producing specific filters, parts, and accessories for the most demanding applications.

The company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability is evident in its continuous efforts to meet the requirements of the most demanding OE manufacturers and harshest operating environments.

The UFI Filters Hydraulics’ range includes:

  • Suction filters, for protecting the pump from contaminants
  • Pressure filters, to safeguard the sensitive components of the hydraulic system
  • Return line filters, including in-tank or tank-top options, to maintain oil cleanliness
  • Portable filtration units, to provide mobile contamination control
  • Transmission filters, for combined protection of hydraulic and transmission systems
  • Air filters and breathers, to protect tank reservoirs from moisture and air
  • High-quality accessories and clogging indicators for accurate measurement of oil levels, temperature, or element clogging, to assist with the planning of system maintenance.

The components engineered by UFI Filters Hydraulics are designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to maintain, guaranteeing long service life and sustained high performance.

The Friedrichs Filtersysteme range

The Friedrichs Filtersysteme range, now part of the UFI Filters Hydraulics portfolio, includes:

  • Conical strainers, for efficient pipeline startup filtration
  • delta P differential pressure indicators, which guarantess robust, clear and reliable signals
  • Filter elements, with long term availability
  • Oil mist separators (demisters), for easy-to-use environmental protection and oil recirculation
  • Particle filter systems, including single and double filters for various applications
  • Parts, accessories, and special designs – customized products for individual needs

Download the new brochure today

Discover the complete UFI Filters Hydraulics range, including the newly introduced Friedrichs Filtersysteme products, by downloading the new brochure or by accessing the DOWNLOAD section of our website.
For more information on the most suitable filtration solutions for your specific application, please contact our sales team.