05 Apr 2024

UFI Filters Hydraulics presents the DPX series: DIN elements for pressure applications

DIN elements for pressure applications

UFI Filters Hydraulics is pleased to announce the launch of its complete DIN replacement element series for pressure applications

The new DPX series has recently been completed to include all the dimensions specified by DIN 24550, a European standard for hydraulic filters and their replacement elements that is widely recognized within the industrial sector.
In addition, the structures of these elements have been further optimized by the UFI Filters Hydraulics R&D Department to improve their performance in terms of both dirt holding capacity and pressure drop as well as to reduce the weights of the elements.

The DPX range of DIN elements from UFI Filters Hydraulics is the result of over 30 years’ experience in the filtration industry, combined with the use of technologically advanced filter materials and media such as FormulaUFI.

DPX elements include the full range of filter elements that can be used as replacements for products made by major hydraulic filter manufacturers such as Filtration Group (Mahle), Parker, Hydac, Eaton (Internormen) and Bosch Rexroth (Eppensteiner).

The newly released brochure, available in the FILTER ELEMENTS section of our website, showcases the complete UFI Filters Hydraulics DIN element range for pressure applications and provides detailed technical data for the available options.

The UFI Filters Hydraulics DIN range of elements offers many benefits for the hydraulic sector, with a wide range of applications in the transmission, die-casting, plastic moulding and general industrial equipment sectors.

Key features of the DPX series

The DPX series incorporates FormulaUFI, the technologically advanced filter media developed by the UFI Filters Group, and is available in glass fibre from 5 to 21 µm(c) (FormulaUFI.MICRON), in cellulose from 10 to 25 µm (FormulaUFI.CELL) or in wire mesh from 30 to 250 µm (FormulaUFI.WEB).
It is offered in two configurations: a standard version with a collapse differential pressure of 2.1 MPa (21 bar) and a high-pressure version with a collapse differential pressure of 21 MPa (210 bar).
The products in this series can be used with flow rates from 40 to 1000 l/min, and they are fitted with nitrile (NBR) seals as standard and can optionally be fitted with fluoroelastomer (FKM) seals.

For further details and to view the complete range, please refer to the new brochure, which can be downloaded from the official UFI Filters Hydraulics website.