01 Feb 2024

UFI Filters Hydraulics Cross Reference reaches a new milestone with over 44,000 matches

UFI Filters Hydraulics continues to expand its comprehensive Cross Reference tool, which now has more than 44,000 matches.

This significant milestone reflects UFI Filters Hydraulics’ commitment to providing customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information, to allow them to find the right filtration solutions for their hydraulic systems.

The updated Cross Reference web tool now includes over 6,000 part numbers, ensuring that users can quickly identify compatible replacement filter elements for a wide range of applications.

UFI Filters Hydraulics’ web tool includes both competitor and OE filter elements, providing a comprehensive range for maximizing system performance and ensuring optimum lubrication.

Start your journey to filtration optimization

At the heart of UFI Filters Hydraulics’ commitment to filtration excellence is its FormulaUFI media, a proprietary technology that delivers exceptional fluid cleanliness with low pressure drop characteristics.
This advanced media is integrated into every UFI Hydraulics filter element, offering consistent reliability and performance across a wide range of hydraulic applications.

To guarantee the highest levels of quality and compatibility, every UFI Filters Hydraulics filter element undergoes a rigorous manufacturing and testing process.
This meticulous approach ensures that each element meets or exceeds the standards set by both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Although we regularly update the online database, the UFI Filters Hydraulics product range is constantly expanding, and a specific search may not produce an immediate result. I
n this case, UFI Filters Hydraulics’ dedicated sales team is available to assist customers in finding the right filtration solution to meet their specific needs.

Explore the updated Cross Reference web tool today and start your journey to peak hydraulic system performance.