17 Jan 2023

The new UFI Filters Hydraulics Customer Satisfaction Survey is online

Hydraulics Customer Satisfaction Survey

The 14th edition of UFI Hydraulics customer satisfaction survey, concerning year 2022, is available online

At the beginning of each year, UFI Filters Hydraulics promotes the customer satisfaction survey in relation to the previous year performances: this year we have reached the 13th edition.

UFI Filters Hydraulics continuously strive to refine and further develop products and services to better meet the needs of our customers.
Therefore, in compliance also with the requirements of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards, all customers are invited to answer a short online questionnaire:

Click here to participate at UFI Filters Hydraulics survey

The customer satisfaction survey is one of the main tools of the planning and quality control system to promote effective continuous improvement.
Thanks to the valuable contribution provided each year by its customers, UFI Filters Hydraulics is able to identify any actions to be taken to further align its offer and services to their needs and preferences.

What are the issues analysed in the survey?

The questionnaire aims to evaluate the perception of its customers in relation to six main issues: Perceived quality of supplied products, Delivery punctuality , Quality/price ratio, Quality of communications with our staff, Quality of services, technical support and after-sales service, Quality of technical and sales documentation (catalogue, website, webtools, etc.).

There is also a final section dedicated to comments and suggestions.

How is the collected data used?

The results of the customer satisfaction survey are shared with all UFI Filters Hydraulics staff to:

  • further reinforce the culture of continuous improvement
  • implement the activities highlighted by the data analysis

The ultimate purpose of the customer satisfaction survey is to improve products, services and relationships between the company and its customers.

UFI Filters Hydraulics therefore thanks in advance all customers who will spend some minutes answering the online questionnaire!