20 Oct 2023

Introducing the New FRI Series: the optimized in-tank return filtration solution from UFI Filters Hydraulics

Introducing the New FRI Series

The FRI series for in-tank filtration is specifically engineered to optimize fluid flow, tank space and the hydraulic system performance

Return line filters are used on the return side of the hydraulic system, where the oil re-enters the tank.
These filters play a critical role by protecting the hydraulic system from solid contaminants. Solid impurities often originate from the wear and tear of system components, finding their way into the oil reservoir and circulating back into the system through the suction line.
Furthermore, return line filters also facilitate the flow of the hydraulic fluid through the system, optimizing system efficiency.

Principal advantages of tank-top and in-tank return filtration

In-tank filters are space saving solutions for mobile machinery OEMs seeking to reduce the volume dedicated to hydraulic components.
For construction equipment and the agricultural sector (tractors, ploughs, sprayers, harvesters, dryers, etc.) in particular, compact components are extremely important to ensure smooth operation.
Tank-top and in-tank filters are among the most flexible solutions in the return line range manufactured by UFI Filters Hydraulics, which now includes the new FRI series.

Discover the new FRI series

The FRI series is extremely versatile, with a wide range of configuration options offered.

It features a tank-integrated layout and is available in four sizes, with connection options from 1/2” to 1”1/4, for flow rates up to 150 l/min.
The compact design optimizes the use of space inside the hydraulic tank and allows easy installation and maintenance, saving valuable time and effort.

This is especially advantageous for equipment with limited installation space, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, such as fluid conditioning systems, lubrication systems, process systems, return lines and side loop systems.
The housing is made from aluminium to withstand the harshest environments, guaranteeing consistent filtration performance over time.

Enhanced filtration efficiency

The FRI Series has been engineered using advanced FormulaUFI media filtration technology, which ensures superior contaminant particle removal.
This innovative filter media is available in several options (FormulaUFI.MICRON – fiberglass, FormulaUFI.CELL – impregnated cellulose, FormulaUFI.WEB – wire mesh) and with several filtration ratings, from 3 to 250 micron.
This wide selection of filter media allows the capture of particles of various sizes, guaranteeing cleaner hydraulic fluid and prolonging the life of critical system components.

Optimized flow

The FRI Series is engineered to maintain the optimum flow rate inside the system, even when the operating conditions vary.
This ensures consistent hydraulic system performance and minimizes pressure drops, increasing the energy efficiency and overall system reliability.

In conclusion, UFI Filters Hydraulics has extensive experience in designing filtration products that can be adapted to any application and tank configuration.

In addition to the wide range of return line filters in the catalogue, which covers most of the connection configurations and indicator orientations commonly used in the hydraulic world, UFI Filters can develop and manufacture custom options to meet any specific request or requirement. 

Download the catalogue of the new FRI series to select the best configuration for your hydraulic system or contact our sales team if you need any other information.