14 Feb 2024

Welcome to the new Friedrichs Filtersysteme website

The new website for Friedrichs Filtersysteme, the German company acquired by UFI Filters Hydraulics last year, is now online

Friedrichs Filtersysteme is a German company with a long history of excellence in the design and manufacture of advanced filtration solutions for various industries including wind power, mining and the chemical industry.

With a wide range of products and patents, Friedrichs Filtersysteme is internationally recognized for its 50 years of experience in industrial filtration and its distinctive approach based on Fluent Thinking®.

In fact, the German company has perfect synergy with the UFI Group’s Hydraulics Division, as the range of filter media and products developed by Friedrichs Filtersysteme perfectly complements the technology and filter solutions developed by UFI Filters Hydraulics over 30 years.

Explore the new Friedrichs Filtersysteme website

The new Friedrichs Filtersysteme website represents a further step in the integration of the German company into the world of the UFI Filters Group.

Completely graphically redesigned, the site incorporates the Group’s corporate image, while maintaining an important link with the colours of  the Friedrichs Filtersysteme logo.

Compared to the previous version, the new Friedrichs Filtersysteme website has been completely restructured to allow users to more easily and immediately benefit from the content, guaranteeing flexible navigation and accessibility from all the latest-generation devices.

In particular, the PRODUCTS section offers a complete and detailed overview of the entire range produced by the German company, including the duplex fluidtech® filter series, the deltaP® differential pressure indicators, products dedicated to oil vapour recovery for turbochargers and superchargers, silencers for air compressors, water filters for the marine and manufacturing sectors, as well as other filtration solutions and air breathers.

In this section, you can consult and download technical data sheets for the various products, which have been completely redesigned, with renderings, drawings and technical details.

An important section is also dedicated to the FILTER MEDIA designed and manufactured by Friedrichs Filtersysteme, which perfectly complements the FormulaUFI filter solutions developed by UFI Filters Hydraulics.

Explore the new Friedrichs Filtersysteme website  – happy browsing!