15 Dec 2022

UFI Filters Hydraulics presents the new SRH two-stage element series for installation in wind turbines

2 stage element

The new SRH two-stage element series is specifically designed for the installation with Hydac filter housings, to meet the main filtration and maintenance requirements of wind turbines

Wind energy is the most efficient technology to produce energy in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.
In order to have a secure and sustainable future, wind turbines need to be running economically and require reliable and long-lasting operation.

UFI Filters Hydraulics, thanks to 30 years of experience in hydraulic filtration, guarantees the necessary filtration technology and background to manufacture both complete filters and spare parts designed for the Wind Power Generation industry to meet the most demanding OEM, OES and independent aftermarket requirements.


The new SRH two-stage element series for Wind Power Generation offers definite and reliable performance, that are considered strategic features when the machines involved in the maintenance operate in particularly contaminated contexts and difficult environmental conditions.

Usually these elements are installed in the gearbox lubricating systems of various turbine models (Vestas, GE, etc.).

Main features of the UFI Filters Hydraulics new series are:

  • Collapse pressure rating up to 20 bar
  • Made with FormulaUFI.Micron media with absolute filtration rating from 5 to 10 μm (ß>200)
  • Operating temperature from -25° to +110° C
  • Integrated bypass valve with 4 bar setting
  • Seal in FKM

The SRH series is available in 3 different length, interchangeable with Hydac filter element 1300R/-B4-KE50, 2200R/-B4-KE50 and 2600R/-B4-KE50.


The two-stage element engineered from UFI Filters ensures that only filtered oil gets into the lubrication system even when the bypass valve is opened thanks to the integrated protective filter.

Indeed, the two-stage layout is used wherever a high level of reliability is required.

The SRH series filter elements consist of two separate filter elements designed in series:  the outer filter element made of glass fiber media serves as the main filter (first stage), the inner filter element made of wire mesh serves as a protective filter in case of a cold start (second stage).

The bypass valve is located in the cover of the filter element and has a cracking pressure of 4 bar.

During normal operations, the bypass is closed and the fluid flows through the outer filter element.

In case of a cold start environment or highly contaminated outer filter element, part of the fluid flow passes through the bypass valveThrough the open bypass valve, dirt particles get to the clean side of the outer filter element, but the inner filter element still retains coarse particles. Therefore, the downstream components are still protected, even under bypass conditions.

The first stage filtration, from 5 to 10 μm, ensures particularly high contamination retention and long service life, while the second stage coarse filtration, made in stainless steel wire mesh 50 µm, ensures an additional protection when the filter differential pressure exceeds 4 bar.

Thanks to its retention capacity, the SRH series offers highly effective protection for machine and system components which are sensitive to contamination.

Contact our team for any further information regarding the new SRH series.