02 Oct 2023

UFI Filters Hydraulics launches the new WLB lube filter series for the wind power industry

WLB lube filter series

UFI Filters Hydraulics introduces the new WLB Lube Filter Series, designed specifically for hydraulic systems installed in both onshore and offshore wind turbines

Hydraulic systems represent a substantial part of each turbine; therefore, it is important to implement an effective  filtration program, to achieve the following goals:

+ Prevent damage to sensitive and expensive components
+ Extend maintenance intervals and reduce costs
+ Increase the reliability of pitch, yaw and gearbox control systems

This is why it is so important, also in the wind power industry, to choose an experienced and reliable supplier for the most critical hydraulic components.

Drawing on its 30 years of experience in the filtration industry, UFI Filters Hydraulics has developed an ad-hoc solution for the lubrication systems of wind turbines, expanding its range of complete filters with the innovative WLB series.

Main features of WLB series

The innovative WLB lubrication series is engineered to operate in the most demanding environments, at flow rates up to 2000 l/min and operating pressures up to 30 bar.

In fact, the all-aluminium WLB filters are designed to withstand the most challenging operational conditions, both in the wind power sector and in industrial applications and off-line systems.

This new series for lubrication systems is available in 5 sizes and offers extremely versatile connection, allowing both in-line and 90-degree mounting.

The user-friendly design also facilitates quick and easy maintenance, simplifies filter element replacement and prevents oil spills.

Two-stage filter elements for high reliability

The filter element, specifically designed for wind power applications, features two-stage filtration

When the machines that require maintenance operate in particularly polluted contexts and difficult environmental conditions, safe and reliable performance must be guaranteed: the two-stage design is perfectly suited to the requirements of all applications that require a high level of reliability.

The WLB filter element series in fact consist of two filter elements arranged in series.

The first stage consists of the external filter element, made from FormulaUFI.Micron (glass fibre) with an absolute filtration rating of 5 to 30 μm (ß > 1000), guarantees a high storage capacity and long service life.

The filter element for the second stage filtration, which is coarse filtration, is made from stainless steel wire mesh (50 µm), serves as a protective filter in the event of a cold start.

What are the main advantages of two-stage filtration?

The two elements are equipped with a 4-bar bypass valve.
During normal operation, the bypass is closed and the fluid flows through the outer filter element.
In a cold start environment or when the outer filter element is highly contaminated, a part of the fluid flow passes through the bypass valve.

Dirt particles reach the clean side of the outer filter element through the open bypass valve, but the inner filter element retains the coarse particles.
Therefore, the downstream components remain protected, even under bypass conditions.

In summary, the two-stage element engineered by UFI Filters Hydraulics ensures that only filtered oil enters the lubrication system, even when the bypass valve is open, thanks to the integrated protective filter.

Download the new WLB Series datasheet now and discover all the available options.

For more information or to select the best configuration for your application, contact our staff.