20 Feb 2024

UFI Filters Hydraulics: advanced filtration solutions for IDRA Group’s Giga Presses

The fruitful partnership between UFI Filters Hydraulics and the IDRA Group continues with the world’s largest die casting machines, the 8,000 and 9,000 tonne Giga Presses, which are also used to cast complete car body parts in one piece

The design of the innovative Gigapress made by IDRA was focused both on size and performance, focusing on the reliability and efficiency of the hydraulic system.

In this context, UFI Filters Hydraulics was chosen by IDRA as the ideal partner to define the optimal filtration solution for the new Giga Presses.

Thanks to its many years of experience in the sector, UFI Filters Hydraulics was able to design the most suitable filtration system to maintain the level of oil cleanliness required by the manufacturer over time.

The IDRA Group, with over 70 years of experience in die casting, has revolutionised the automotive industry with the production of 24 Giga Presses –  including the NEO 550, NEO 6100, NEO 8000, and NEO 9000 series – with the aim of optimising production costs and times.

After the batteries, the floorpan is one of the most expensive elements of an electric car.
Greater efficiency in the production of this component is therefore a key strategy for reducing overall costs and, consequently, the price of zero-emission cars.

Effective oil filtration for maximum performance

The filtration technology offered by UFI Filters Hydraulics is very compatible with the requirements of the complex, high-performance hydraulic systems of the Giga Press.

Our main objective is to ensure optimal operation of each hydraulic system by minimising the risk of contaminating the fluid that plays a crucial role in generating power within the machine.

The filtration solution chosen by UFI Filters Hydraulics includes a return line filter with a high-performance fibreglass element and a diffuser, to minimise the turbulence generated by the return of the fluid inside the tank.
Thanks to this layout, it is possible to prolong the life of critical components of the hydraulic system and extend their maintenance intervals, contributing to greater overall operating efficiency.

Identifying the most suitable filtration solution for the specific oil cleanliness requirements defined by the manufacturer required careful selection of filter media.
In this context, we relied on our FormulaUFI.MICRON range, selecting the most efficient filter media to guarantee consistently optimal performance over time for the IDRA Giga Press.

UFI Filters Hydraulics optimised filtration solutions for IDRA

By strengthening this existing partnership, IDRA and UFI Filters Hydraulics are charting a course towards a future in which operational efficiency goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility.
Indeed, UFI Filters Hydraulics has always been committed to designing filter solutions that are optimised in terms of weight and overall dimensions in order to reduce system consumption.

In addition, for some years now, UFI Filters has been focused on the development of environmentally friendly filter solutions with coreless elements, for which only the filter media needs to be replaced.
As well as significantly reducing the maintenance costs of hydraulic systems, this design is a response to the increasing prioritisation of sustainable practices in manufacturing.

For more information or to check which is the most suitable filtration solution for your application, please contact our sales team.