14 Oct 2022

The UFI Filters Hydraulics Computer Aided Filter selector includes the filters for hydrostatic transmissions

UFI Filters Hydraulics CAF Computer Aided Filter Selector

UFI Filters Hydraulics has just released the new version of the CAF Computer Aided Filter Selector, that, besides the filters for suction, return, pressure and off-line applications, now includes also the filters for transmissions

UFI Filters Hydraulics Computer Aided Filter Selector is the tool designed as an on-line application to calculate and select the correct hydraulic filters for any application, accessible at any time also from tablet and smartphone.

The CAF offers two options:

The new release of CAF – Computer Aided Filter Selector now includes an additional section dedicated to the configuration of the filters for hydrostatic transmission applications.

The importance of selecting the proper filter for hydrostatic transmission applications

The hydrostatic transmission is a system that generates and transmits power to perform a job through the pressurisation and release of a fluid.
In particular, the energy captured by the fluid through the hydraulic pumps is transferred to the transmission of a vehicle.
This type of transmission can be used to power different types of machinery, although it is more commonly used in heavy vehicles, such as tractors and backhoe loaders.

The filter is a key part of the transmission system, designed to prevent metal shavings from the gears, and other dirt and debris, from contaminating the transmission fluid. The transmission filter also removes the shavings deriving from the general wear of the machine.
The hydrostatic transmission filter ensures the required cleaning class of the oil and provides protection to the sensitive transmission components, thus enabling the vehicles to run smoothly.

For the above mentioned reasons, the filter layout, filtering media and housing material are important key factors in establishing the quality of the transmission filter.
In order to support its customers in this selection process, UFI Filters Hydraulics further developed its online configurator to extend this highly appreciated webtools to transmission applications.

How to configure the best hydrostatic transmission filter for your application

The CAF works out the input of relevant details of the system (flow rate, viscosity of the fluid, required filter media) to seize the correct transmission filter.

At the end of the selection process, product options are provided in the part number generator, in order to enable the customer to select any specific feature (connection type, by-pass valve, seals type, clogging indicator) or any additional accessory (pressurisation valve, drain hole, suction bypass).
The complete transmission filter part numbers generated by the configuration can be reviewed and saved.
For each output, pressure drop calculations are provided.
Users can browse and download the datasheet of the selected hydraulic filter, the catalogue of the filter series and 3D-drawings.

If you searching for the best hydraulic filter for your transmission application, try the new release of the CAF –  Computer Aided Filter selector, on UFI Filters Hydraulics website!