20 Oct 2021

The Hydraulics Transmission Filters Maintenance Manuals now available in the DOWNLOAD section

transmission filter

The download section of UFI Filters Hydraulic Division website has been updated with the maintenance manuals for hydraulic transmission filters

UFI Hydraulics Transmission filters take care of the efficiency and guarantee the long life of the system by keeping the oil at the desired cleanliness values. Thereafter, well-planned routine maintenance of hydraulics transmission filters will maintain the fluid in peak condition and will help prevent or reduce unplanned downtime.

Main advantages of keeping the hydraulic filter clean

Carrying out correct maintenance of hydraulic filters allows the component to operate efficiently, maintaining high operating levels and avoiding declining performance. Unfortunately, this activity is often underestimated.

A filter element not replaced when necessary, can lead to unpleasant problems, such as:

  • damage of very expensive components inside the system, such as the pump, which involves high replacement costs, as well as machine and production downtime
  • increase in management costs due to productivity decrease
  • higher operating costs generated by hydraulic components recovery due to early wear

Transmission filters maintenance manuals

In order to support its customers in this important activity, UFI Filters Hydraulics published the maintenance manuals of transmission filters directly online. The maintenance manuals illustrate steps by step the correct replacement of the various filter components. Each manual also includes a 3D picture of the filter that highlights the components involved in the maintenance operations.

Thus, the instructions to carry out the replacement of the element inside the filter or other accessories are accessible from any device, available 24/7.

Correct disposal of exhausted filter elements

Finally, the manual recalls the rules for the correct disposal of exhausted filter elements and replaced components, classified as “Special hazardous waste”, that must therefore be dismissed according to local regulations by authorised companies and operators.

Click here to download the transmission maintenance manuals from the DOWNLOAD section. Should you have any doubt regarding the correct maintenance of your hydraulic filter, please contact our Sales Team.