31 Jul 2020

From the press: the Italian magazine “Progettare” presents the FPG filter made by UFI Filters Hydraulic Division

Progettare presents UFI FPG series

In June-July 2020 edition, the Italian magazine “Progettare” presents the FPG Filter made by UFI, for pressure application, in the section dedicated to Filters review.

This month’s review is dedicated to filters with smaller dimensions, to be assembled and disassembled with greater simplicity, together with great attention to environmental sustainability and energy saving.

FPG filter series, one of the most interesting product of UFI Filters Hydraulic Division range, was selected as one of the products on the market in line with the theme of the month. 


FPG series consolidates the low pressure product segment of UFI with an innovative design, thanks to an extremely versatile port and reduced size, as well as a strong orientation towards eco-sustainability.

This series works with operating pressure up to 50 bar and maximum flow up to 150 liters per minute.

As a matter of fact, this filter can replace the 35 bar high pressure spin-on series and ensures easy maintenance by replacing the EPG filter element only, with a lower environmental impact compared to spin-on models.

In addition, the patented design of the connection between the filter body and the filter element improves the sealing system even in applications with strong vibrations. Another important plus of patented filter elements: customers will benefit from a lasting business in aftermarket, ensuring, at the same time, that the performance of the filter will remain unchanged thanks to the constant use of original spare parts.

In-line low pressure filters are fundamental for the protection of the valves as well as of the entire hydraulic circuit from the contamination present in the fluids, in compliance with international regulations.

FPG pressure series is currently available in 4 sizes, with or without bypass valve, with filter element in fibreglass (from 5 to 21 microns β> 1000) or in wire mesh (from 30 to 90 microns) and can therefore guarantee the most correct class of contamination as well as the service interval required by the specific application.

Another relevant feature of this series, highly appreciated by end users, is the possibility of choosing not only the type of clogging indicator, which can be visual, electrical, visual-electric differential or equipped with a thermostat, but also the mounting position of the indicator on the filter head (lateral or on top of filter head). Thus, the customer can select the best position of the indicator according to the spaces of the system.


In particular, FPG pressure filter has been designed for the installation on new generation tractors with Load Sensing pump and for variable transmissions. For these applications, filtration plays an increasingly fundamental role. Finally, the aluminum alloy head and the steel housing guarantee an essential weight reduction compared to the filters generally used for these applications.

UFI Filters Hydraulic Division is daily committed to the development of products able to meet maximum protection requirements of the hydraulic system. UFI ensures high efficiency and constant stability, in line with market demands and of technology, by using high quality materials and latest generation machinery.

“The innovative FPG series was studied to offer an alternative and more efficient solution than the classic Spin-On generally used for low pressure applications, especially in agricultural and mobile sector.” Explains the Director of the Business Unit, Cesare Grassi. “Another important target for all our new products is the ability to interpret the needs of the market, that is even more oriented towards superior sustainability.”

In case of specific and customized needs, the Hydraulic Division of the UFI Group can develop special solutions, both from existing products and studying completely new products together with the customer.

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