24 Feb 2022

Green Farm Series: the virtuous partnership of UFI Filters Hydraulics and SAME DEUTZ-FAHR continues

Green Farm series for SAME

The virtuous partnership of UFI Filters Hydraulics and SAME DEUTZ-FAHR continues with the new Green Farm series specifically developed for the FARMotion agricultural machines.

The agricultural machinery market represents an historical sector for UFI Filters Hydraulics; thanks to several years of experience and collaboration with some of the main agriculture OE manufacturers, the company has consolidated its know-how in filtration thus supporting important companies as SAME DEUTZ-FAHR.

In fact, UFI Filters Hydraulics has become the exclusive supplier of diesel fuel prefilters for SAME DEUTZ-FAHR.

Among the latest products specifically designed and developed for the customer we present the new  Green Farm series, that is mounted on all FARMotion engines applications, and includes the GF100 and the GF1000 diesel prefilter, with water separator function. The GF100 series is completed by the diesel filter.

The Green Farm series has several strengths that guarantees optimal incorporation with the agricultural machine in Stage IV / Tier 4 final certified configuration and in the Stage IIIA / Tier 3 configuration.

The main advantages of this series are the compact size and the strong orientation in reducing the environmental impact during the maintenance and disposal of exhausted components.

The spin-on solution, very common in agricultural applications but not very environmentally-friendly, has been superseded by the actual version with complete filter, which allows the replacement of the filter element only, thus significantly reducing metal waste. Furthermore, the elements are made without any glue, using infrared welding technology.

Another important aspect is the patented coupling between the container and the bottom of the element: the exhausted element is released from the head while unscrewing the container for the service. In this way, the element remains inside the housing, thus avoiding diesel oil leaks and ensuring safer and cleaner maintenance operations for the operator.

Moreover, the Green Farm series filtration system presents an ‘error-proofed’ assembly design: the filter element can’t be mounted in the prefilter and vice versa as it is provided with a mechanical safety system.

All the filters of the Green Farm series have been field tested and validated with SAME. Thanks to the close collaboration of UFI Filters Hydraulics and SAME technicians and engineers, this series is able to guarantee up to 1000 working hours between one maintenance and the other.

The Green Farm elements are available in the 4 µm FormulaUFI.CELL version and in the FormulaUFI.H2O version for the prefilter, available in 10 and 30 µm version, that separate the water present in the tank.

UFI Filters Hydraulics is recognised as a trusted supplier in the development and optimisation of filtration components for agricultural machinery, thanks to a long and virtuous partnership with its customers. In fact, the new filtration solutions, developed in synergy with the customer, respond to the challenges of an increasingly dynamic and demanding market.

The development of new products for UFI Hydraulics is an on-going process driven by the needs of the customer and the protection of our fragile planet. In case of specific and customised needs, the Hydraulic Division of the UFI Filters Group can develop special solutions, both from existing products and studying completely new products together with the customer.

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