15 Nov 2020

DOWNLOAD section enriched with Return Line Filters Maintenance Manuals

Return Line Filters Manuals

The DOWNLOAD section of UFI Filters Hydraulic Division website includes Return Line Filters Maintenance Manuals

In the DOWNLOAD area now available for free the instructions for the correct maintenance of return line filters, in addition to pressure filters maintenance manuals, already present in UFI website.

What is the purpose of a return line filter?

We briefly recall the main advantages of installing a return line filter on hydraulic systems:

  • Low cost, depending on low operating pressure, for this reason return filters reduce the level of fluid contamination with a reduced economic impact
  • Available in various versions with different mounting patterns
  • Return filters can perform additional functions, as return series can mount some accessories such as air breather, filling plug, dipstick, diffusor or magnetic core
  • Available with various filter media and filtration degrees, depending on the specific application and according to customer’s requirements

In order to select the most correct return line filter for your system, please try our Configurated Aided Filter Selector.

What are the functions of return line filters?

 Return line filters represent “system” filtration and are used for:

  • Collecting solid contaminant from the fluid as it returns from the system components towards the reservoir
  • Preventing the contaminant from re-entering the circuit through the tank and the pump
  • Extending the life of the pump and of other sensitive system components
  • Extending service and maintenance time intervals
  • Avoiding unscheduled downtime

Effective return filtration therefore ensures a reduction in system management costs.

Similarly, the correct maintenance of the system is very important for the reduction of system management costs, together with timely replacement of the filter elements when exhausted.

Main advantages of keeping your filter clean

Carrying out a correct maintenance of hydraulic filters allows the component to operate efficiently, maintaining high operating levels and avoiding declining performance.

Unfortunately, this activity is often underestimated.

The missing replacement of the filter element when necessary, can lead to unpleasant problems, such as:

  • damage of very expensive components inside the system, such as the pump, which involve rather high replacement costs, as well as machine and production downtime
  • increase in management costs due to productivity decrease
  • higher operating costs because of hydraulic components restoration, as, without adequate protection, early wear

Return Line Filters Maintenance Manuals

In order to support its customers in this important activity, UFI Filters Hydraulic Division published the maintenance manuals of return line filters directly online.

Thus, the instructions to carry out the replacement of the filter element inside the filter or any accessories are accessible from any device, available 24/7.

The maintenance manuals of return line filters illustrate in a very simple way the steps for the correct replacement of the various filter components. Each manual also includes a render of the filter highlighting all the components involved in the maintenance operations.

Finally, the manual recalls the rules for the correct disposal of exhausted filter elements and replaced components, that are classified as “Special hazardous waste” and must therefore be disposed of according to local regulations by authorized companies and operators.

Our staff is available in case of doubts or if further clarifications are required.