22 Jul 2022

30 years of UFI Filters Hydraulics: filtering solutions for the hydraulic market since 1992

30 years of UFI FILTERS HYDRAULICS: filtering solutions for the hydraulic market since 1992

The year was 1992.
The Treaty on European Union was signed in Maastricht.
IBM presented the first smartphone and Vodafone engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS in history.
Italy won six golds, five silvers and eight bronzes at the Barcelona Olympics. Miguel Indurain got on the podium at the Giro d’Italia.
Seville hosted the Universal Exposition dedicated to the ‘Age of Discoveries’.
1992 was a year full of events, happenings and stories to tell and it is at this historical moment that the adventure of UFI Filters Hydraulics begins, in Bolgare, in the North of Italy.

UFI Filters Hydraulics history

UFI Filters, founded in Nogarole Rocca (VR) in 1971 to supply filter systems for the automotive sector, driven by the President, Dr. Giorgio Girondi, in the 90s began to expand its business  in the development of new products and new markets, founding in 1992 the division dedicated to hydraulic filtration: UFI Filters Hydraulics.

At the start of the new millennium, UFI Filters became the supplier to the most demanding OE and transmission manufacturers, providing not only hydraulic filters but filtration solutions for the hydraulic market, thus reinforcing its reputation as a hydraulic filtration specialist at global level.

Since its early years, UFI Filters Hydraulics has distinguished itself on the fluid power market for its ability to provide specific and tailor-made solutions, specialising in the design, production and marketing of a complete line of reliable and high-quality filters, elements and accessories, with the aim of creating innovative and sustainable products for hydraulic applications.

The company, which has its own production site in Bolgare, has grown steadily over the years and in Italy today has about 80 employees, with over 2 million filters, elements and accessories sold last year, 60% destined for the international market.

The Hydraulic Division of the UFI Group is now present all over the world with three production plants (Italy, China and India) and eight commercial offices, for a total of over 150 employees.

An important milestone

Cesare Grassi, Chief Division Officer Hydraulics of UFI Filters, comments «This is a special anniversary for us and we are pleased to remember and share this moment with all those who took part in the history of UFI Filters Hydraulics. First of all, we want to thank our employees, customers, partners and collaborators who made this possible. It has been 30 years of constant commitment, innovation and success».

«This important milestone – adds Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Group – is only one stage of our long journey: in fact, we have many other projects and dreams in the drawer, as well as new challenging objectives that we will achieve with the same passion and professionalism that has always distinguished us. We look to the future with enthusiasm, certain that this anniversary will be a springboard towards new important successes».

30 years: an anniversary to celebrate

Therefore, 2022 will be full of ideas and celebrations, reflections and new perspectives.

The first sign chosen by UFI Filters Hydraulics to underline this anniversary is a special logo, dedicated to this important anniversary: ​​the number 30, in its simplicity, combined with the essence of the history and activity of the UFI Group’s Hydraulic Division.



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