28 Feb 2024

The importance of fluid cleanliness in die casting and injection moulding machines

The importance of fluid cleanliness in die casting

This month’s blog will take an in-depth look at the importance of proper oil cleaning inside die casting and injection moulding machines.

In die casting machines, molten metal is injected into a mould to produce metal components.
In injection moulding machines, a similar process occurs, but the material used is molten plastic, and plastic components are produced.

In each case, the hydraulic system in the machine is responsible for providing the power to move the moulds and maintain pressure during the casting or moulding process.

Fluid cleanliness: a key element in ensuring optimum performance over time

The presence of contaminants in the fluid used in the hydraulic circuit can have serious consequences for die casting and injection moulding machines, causing:

  • Component wear and reduced component life;
  • Reduced performance, as the friction created by the contaminant can cause pressure losses and therefore reduce system efficiency;
  • Increased maintenance costs, as the presence of contaminants can increase the frequency of breakdowns, requiring more frequent maintenance;
  • Deterioration of hydraulic components with even partial blockage of a valve, which can cause the system to malfunction.

To avoid the problems described above, it is essential to ensure that the fluid used in the hydraulic circuit remains clean and free of contaminants over time.
This important objective can be achieved by means of an effective oil filtration system.
The size and design of the filtration system must be selected by considering both the technical characteristics of the system (application, operating pressure, flow rate, etc.) and the specific cleaning requirements of each internal component.
For example, a system with a simple spool valve may require a lower level of cleanliness than a system with servo valves.
However, the level of cleanliness of each component is specified by its manufacturer.

Benefits of fluid cleanliness in die casting and injection moulding machines

Proper fluid cleaning in die casting and injection moulding machines offers several benefits:

  • Improved system efficiency: clean oil prevents loss of pressure and energy, maintaining its performance over time;
  • Extended component life: fluid cleanliness can prevent premature wear and extend the life of critical components, reducing maintenance costs and maximizing return on investment;
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns: fluid cleaning can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, which can cause unplanned production stoppages and damage even expensive equipment;
  • Improved product quality: fluid cleanliness also plays a key role in the production of high-quality die cast and injection moulded parts, as contamination can alter the parameters and performance of the equipment and its components, affecting the ability of the entire plant to produce compliant components.

Finally, fluid cleanliness in die casting and injection moulding machines is a key aspect of ensuring reliable high-performance operation.

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