Contamination Control in the hydraulic systems is a very wide and complex matter; the following is just a short summary.
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The function of the fluid in the hydraulic systems is transmitting forces and motion.
In view of a reliable and efficient operation of the system, it is very important to select the fluid considering the requirements of the system and the specific working conditions (working pressure, environment temperature, location of the system, etc.).
Depending on the required features (viscosity, lubricant capacity, anti-wear protection, density, resistance to ageing and to thermal solicitations,


materials compatibility, etc.), the proper oil can be selected among a number of mineral oils (the most popular), synthetic fluids, water based fluids, environmental friendly fluids, etc.
All the hydraulic fluids are classified according to international standards.
Solid contamination is recognized as the main reason for misfunctioning, failures and early decay in hydraulic systems;
it is impossible to eliminate completely it, but it can be well kept under control with proper devices (filters).
No matter which fluid is used, it must be kept at the contamination level required by the most sensitive component used on the system.

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